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Cinema & Theatre

Dublin is famous for its literary past with famous writers such as WB Yeats, Samual Beckett and Oscar Wilde. There are a wide variety of theatre venues across Dublin and there is always something on to suit all tastes!

Civic Theatre Tallaght Town Centre Dublin 24Civic Theatre

Located only 2 minutes walk from The Abberley Court Hotel, The Civic Theatre offers a comprehensive schedule of evening performances.

Box Office: 01 462 7477

Administration: 01 462 7460

Fax: 01 462 7478



IMC The Square Shopping Centre TallaghtCinema

The IMC Tallaght at The Square Shopping, located only a 5 minute walk from the Hotel.

Facilities: IMC Love Candy Area, Ticketing Self-Service, Games Area, Free/Discount Parking.

Other: Dolby Sound 7.1, Wheelchair Accessible, 3D Screens, Digital Projection.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00 noon – 12:00 midnight

Phone: 01 404 3008

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