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Heritage Sites

Dublin is brimming with many heritage sites and history. What ever you are looking for you will find an abundance of Museums, Historical Exhibitions and Cultural Events in and around the city.

The following are a list of heritage sites that are within easy access of The Abberley Court Hotel:

Hellfire Club :

The Hellfire Club dominates the summit of Montpelier Hill five miles from The Abberley Court Hotel. This substantial ruin was originally built in 1720 as a hunting lodge by William Conolly, the speaker of the Irish parliament. Current urban lore insists on telling us that it was – and still is – a site commonly used for the practice of ‘Satanism’ and other occult activities, and that the Devil himself made a brief appearance there at some unspecified time in the past. Today the ruin provides an unrivalled viewpoint over the whole city.

Rathfarnham Castle :

The date of the foundation of the Castle is uncertain, but recent research would suggest 1583 as the most likely date. It was built by Adam Loftus, a Yorkshireman. The Castle has a colourful and interesting history with 18th century interiors by Sir William Chambers and James Athenian Stuart and was declared a National Monument in the mid-1980s. The Castle is presented to visitors as a castle undergoing active conservation. The visitor can see, at first hand, tantalizing glimpses of layers of the Castles earlier existence uncovered during research. (Conservation works are ongoing at the site).

Pearce Museum & Park :

The Pearse Museum (Irish: Músaem na bPiarsach) is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Pearse and his brother, William. Patrick Pearse was an educationalist and nationalist who was executed for his part in the 1916 Rising. The museum is situated in the suburb of Rathfarnham on the south side of Dublin, Ireland. It was formerly an Irish speaking school named St. Enda’s. Originally Pearse’s school was set up in Ranelagh on the 8th of September 1908. It moved to Rathfarnham in 1910. Unfortunately after Pearse was executed for his part take in the 1916 rising, and due to decreasing numbers and increasing financial worries, the school had to close in 1935. After Padraig Pearse’s sister (Margaret Mary Pearse) died in 1968, St. Enda’s and its grounds were handed over to the state, and the school house is now a Museum devoted to the Pearse brothers. The Museum contains reconstructions of many of the original rooms, including Pearse’s study, the family sitting room, the school art gallery, the school museum and one of the dormitories. There is also a gallery devoted exclusively to the sculpture of William Pearse. Visitors can also visit a nature study room in the courtyard behind the school house where examples of Irish plants and animals can be found.

The museum is an 18th century house situated in scenic parkland & is open seven days a week and admission is free.


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